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Is Urad dal white fattening or is it healthy?

Urad Dal is rich in protein, and with Vitamin B, folic acid, calcium, potassium and magnesium. This high content of minerals and vitamins in Urad Dal helps greatly in the maintenance of healthy skin and hair. It also helps in soothing any kinds of irritation on the skin. The high iron content ensures that more oxygen is circulated throughout the body, resulting in great and bright skin.

Urad Dal is very healthy for the body, but not necessarily fattening. It’s high protein content contributes to muscle tissue formation in the body, and helps bulk up. It is generally used by people who work out well, and choose to eat rich protein foods.

But most importantly, Urad Dal helps in weight loss, due to its rich fiber and protein content. As both these components take time to digest, consuming Urad Dal keeps us full for a longer time and keeps all the unnecessary hunger pangs away.

So more than fattening a body, upon consuming it everyday, serves as a food item that helps build the body in the right way, helping you gain all the necessary nutrients for your body.

Besides this, urad dal possesses excellent antioxidant properties that are great for the health of the heart, liver and kidneys. Its fiber content is extremely beneficial for the people with diabetes as well. So Urad Dal when consumed in the right quantities doesn’t lead to
fattening but is extremely enriching for the body.

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