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Kids healthy lunch box recipes

Wondering what to cook for your kids every day? Then, here’s the perfect list of healthy foods you can cook for them with Tenali Double Horse Ural Dal.
This article surely is going to ensure that kids do not have to settle for boring lunches any longer! We’ve put together a collection of lunch ideas from Monday to Friday that’s going to remain fresh in your lunch box for a long period of time.

1. Lunch Idea for Monday:
You can cook a quick Rava Idli and Coconut chutney, as it is really easy to prepare and is not a hassle. It is not the regular boring type of idli, but the extra touch of rava and some masala powders is definitely going to make it tastier. You can also go with Idli podi toast or vegetable podi idli which is a bit different from the usual and pack it in their tiffin box.

2. Lunch Idea for Tuesday:
You can make ideal meals with white rice, sambhar/ gravy, and curry. Menu like rasam rice, curd rice, potato fry combo, or any vegetable gravy combo is a great way to serve healthy and interesting meals for the kids.

3. Lunch idea for Wednesday:
Try making roti/ chapati for Wednesdays to keep it a little light on their tummies. Chapati with dall is a really good combination and a healthy one too. But you can also pair the chapatis and rotis with any vegetable mix curry that you like.

4. Lunch idea for Thursday:
Let’s keep Thursday special. Make a variety of rice like beetroot pulao, lemon rice or carrot rice, or coconut rice. You can pair some of them with potato kurma curry or some of them taste great with beetroot mixed in curd chutney. Add papad and ghee for that extra flavor and taste and we bet your kids will love it.

5. Lunch Idea for Friday:
Give them the Friday feels by cooking something yummy and delicious. You can go with vegetable pulao, or vegetable biryani or sweet corn pulao, or vegetable upma with cucumber salad or baby corn rice. You can do a veggie load in all of these and help them have all the nutrition they need.

6. Lunch for Saturday:
Keep it special for the kids with their favorite dishes. It’s really easy to make it a little different by adding small elements like making the dish colorful by adding all different veggies, and also adding elements like papad, and salad, making them their favorite juice. A sweet and an ice cream never dulled a kid once in a while.

So, follow these recipes for your kids’ lunch box and let us know if it made your work easier and
made your kids happier to have their lunch every day. All these food recipes help kids have a
balanced and healthy diet all around the month.

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