Tenali Double Horse

Urad Gota 2lb & 4lb

Buy Tenali Double Horse  Urad Gota 2 lb & 4 lb . Round Urad Gota is the choicest by procuring from the best farms & fields in the country, is packed under hygienical conditions, and packed in laminated pouches to ensure the freshness long lasted.

This hygienically packed 2lb & 4lb white Urad Gota whole helps you to be active by boosting energy levels .It is good for digestion and also prevents constipation as it is enriched with Dietary Fiber and Protein You can create a variety of everyday meals replete with delicious flavor and nutritious protein by using the Tenali Double Horse Urad Gota (Whole). It features an unpolished texture, which helps retain its wholesome benefits. Moreover, this dall is easy to cook and convenient to add to a plethora of recipes. An essential Indian staple, the Tenali Double Horse Urad Gota (Whole) can be paired with rice, bread, roti’s, and more for a wholesome meal. You can quickly prepare it with your choice of ingredients and serve a lip-smacking meal to your family and friends. This High-quality dall does not undergo any artificial polishing procedure with oil, leather, or water, which helps retain its nutrients and their benefits. Thus, you can add this protein-rich food to your regular diet.

Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20 cm

Tenali Double Horse

Ingredient Type



2 lb, 4 lb



Package Weight

2 lb, 4 lb

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