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Dosa Recipes

Tenali Double Horse -Recipes

Ask any South Indian what they want to have for a breakfast. The first thought that comes to their mind is Dosa! It’s not an exaggeration that you see Dosa literally everywhere in the world! Ghee Dosa, paper Dosa, Onion Dosa, Paneer Dosa, Chocolate Dosa, Cheese Dosa, Chicken Dosa, Egg Dosa.. we will run out of energy mentioning all the types of Dosas but the list never ends. And if the batter is a bit fermented, no worries! You get to taste the Godavari’s most famous Dosa, the “pullattu!” And Tenali Double Horse brings you the tastiest of Dosa recipes.

Idly Recipes

Tenali Double Horse -Recipes

Plain and Healthy. The dish that fits this description is Idly. Idly needs no introduction. Even during those days of extreme illness, Idly is what the doctors recommend. Idly comes as a simple Idly, Ghee Idly, Kaaram Idly, Butter Idly, Button Idly, Sambar Idly, Podi Idly and a wide range of varieties! TDH brings you those amazing Idly dishes. It’s time to savour your palate!

Uttapam And Punugulu Recipes

Tenali Double Horse -Recipes

It’s a rainy day. We can’t go out and the weather is very pleasing. Everyone looks at their mom asking for a tasty snack. And guess what goes on in the minds of moms?
Punugulu! Hot and crispy Punugulu with tomato chutney! They’re finger-licking delicious! Also the best selling evening snack item in the streets of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is Punugulu.
Uttapam is another such delicious dish, a bit thicker than Dosa and filling! Onions uttapam, tomato uttapam, cheese uttapam, and many more Uttapams are here in TDH’s collection. Have a great snack time!

Vada Recipes

Tenali Double Horse -Recipes

Vada is a fried snack item adored by many. It’s also very prevalent in South India. Masala Vada, plain Vada, Dal Vada are pretty famous. You have to try our TDH’s Vada collection to enjoy the authentic Vada at your own place.

Other Recipes

Tenali Double Horse -Recipes

Apart from the famous Idly, Vada, Punugulu, there are a lot of other delicious dishes that you can make using TDH’s products.
We have a collection of few such delicacies like Cheese balls, Pakodi, Minapa Rolls and others that you can check out and enjoy having!

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