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Tenali Double Horse Campaigns. Tenali Double Horse runs  amazing campaigns, namely the AHA campaigns. We care deeply about cultural values, traditions, and emotions. One such attempt to reinvoke emotions and bonds and the importance of connections is the Anubandham campaign. Likewise, the Seed Ganesh campaign is another campaign where Tenail Double Horse attempts to show its responsibility and care towards the environment and mother nature.

Date: 03-10-2021

Time: 05:00 PM

The current campaign of Tenali Double Horse’s “Anubandham” is featuring  ” Mrs. Sindhu Amma Garu” And as Host “Mrs. Suma Kanakala” Garu. Catch them live on the date and time mentioned , to travel back the memory lane, to share many sweet and precious memories, and experiences that we all can learn from.

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Of course, now you can get all three types of lentil dall from your own home. we are also the well known as “Tenali Double Horse” brand from Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, considered to be the best quality. Finally, click on the link below to find out more information about our brand of lentils.

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Tenali Double Horse-Anubandham show

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