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Ulundhu kali

Ulundhu kali is a traditional healthy recipe made in South Indian households, especially famous in Tamil Nadu. Its extremely nutritious benefits are what make it famous. It is made with black whole Black gram dal and palm jaggery – which are highly nutritious and provide a lot of health benefits. Here are some of the effective health benefits of Ulundhu Kali which could get you back to the traditional foods, and get you healthier. Ulundhu kali, in the older days, was made for its health benefits, especially for women, and the same continues till today.

  • Great for women’s health – This sweet is generally given to young girls during their puberty or menstruation time. It’s also mostly given to pregnant women, as it is rich in iron. It helps give immune power to both the mother and the child. It equally has great benefits for men as well, by adding rich nutrients to the body.
  • Helps overcome stomach-related concerns: Black gram Dall is an essential nutrient that is rich in fiber. Ulundhu Kali helps you flush out all the toxins, and also cures dysentery, and provides strength to the body. It also relieves constipation.
  • Great for Diabetics: Ulundhu Kali is a great sweet that helps in controlling the sugar levels in your body, the natural way, This sweet is both beneficial in terms of its health benefits and also satisfies the sweet cravings in people. With the high amount of fiber Black gram Dall comes with, it helps manage insulin production in the blood and prevents a high risk of blood sugar levels.
  • Prevents formation of Kidney stones: Ulundhu Kali can prevent any formation of kidney stones in the body. Have it weekly and it helps improve the health of your kidneys. It also helps in washing away the wastes from the body.
  • Improves the health of the heart: With Potassium present in Black gram Dall, it helps prevent or reduce the blood pressure on the nerves and blood vessels. Thus, keeping your heart with a healthy blood flow.
  • Strengthens muscles: Ulundhu Kali helps to have stronger muscles because of its rich nutrients property. Individuals that are generally on the thinner side, consume this which helps them have a healthy and strong body.
  • Enhanced Masculinity: Excessive usage of drugs and smoking leads to decreased masculinity, and makes men impotent. But Ulundhu Kali has the benefit of enhancing the power of masculinity. Have this once a week for the best results. With all the above-said benefits, it is best if you include this once in a week at least for your well-being. 

Here’s how you store this sweet:

We suggest it without refrigerating. Though it doesn’t get spoiled, it tastes better without refrigeration. When refrigerated, the texture gets more grainy and dry making it less sweet as well.

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