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Urad dal recipes, collection of 8 tasty urad dal recipes

Urad Dal is used in most of the Indian cuisines, and is one of the most used. It’s high fibre and protein content helps make you healthier when consumed on a regular basis. There are many dishes that can be made with Urad Dal, but here are a few major ones you should not miss.

1. Dosa –
South India famous dosa is made from Urad Dal, and can be eaten with a combination of coconut chutney or peanut chutney. It’s a great option for breakfast and snack time.

2. Idli –
Idlis are another healthy option for breakfast and snacks. With Urad dal, you can make perfect round idlis great with different options of chutneys or also sambhar.

3. Medu Vada –
Crispy and spongy Medu vada is a great option for snacks and a famous breakfast option. It’s combination with sambhar, or coconut chutney

4. Poornam Boorelu –
Poornam Boorelu are a deep fried snack made with a stuffing of chana dal, jaggery which is coated with rice and urad dal batter.

5. Dal fry –
With Urad dal, we can make many different dal styles that can be eaten with breakfast options, lunch and dinner options. It’s high protein content helps build the body in a very healthy way, if consumed on a regular basis.

6. Kotte kadubu –
These are super soft aromatic idlis made in jackfruit leaves. Steaming in jackfruit leaves gives these idlis the flavor and aroma of the leaves. This is a Goan dish which is very soft, light and fluffy.

7. Cabbage vada –
Cabbage vada is a deep fried tasty snack made from Urad Dal and finely chopped cabbage.

8. Urad Laddu/ Sunnundalu –
Sunnundalu is a sweet that is made with jaggery ghee and urad dal which is a great healthy snack. It’s also generally given to pregnant women to keep them healthier.

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