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Urad Gota at Best Price in Chennai

Urad Gota is one of the most used dalls in the pulses family. It has a light brown color, which is round in shape, which helps very well in digesting food really easily. It is extremely rich in protein and Vitamin B6, and other elements for our body. It is also a great source of fiber for our body.

Consuming Urad Gota on a regular basis improves our digestion, protects our heart, increases bone strength, gives us a boost in energy, and also strengthens the nervous system. In all of our traditions, it is given especially for women who are pregnant, which gives them the strength to endure everything they face, during their difficult phases.

In one serving of Urad Gota, it contains 31grams of carbs on the whole, 0.5 grams of fat, 9 grams of protein and contains 130 calories. Urad Gota is commonly used to make breakfast options such as idli, dosa, dal makhani, and also sweets like laddus, etc. It is also given to babies and kids which helps build their immune system and gives strength to their body.

Urad Gota is very nutritious and is also used in ayurvedic medicines, and its name in ayurvedic terms is ‘’masha. ‘. It mainly improves skin health and many other benefits for the body.

Now coming to the price point, our observations have shown that the best price to buy Urad Gota from is in Chennai. Compared to all states, Chennai has the best quality and gives value to its product, and nothing beats the standards of it. As a lot of manufacturers of dalls hail from Tamil Nadu, it is observed that Chennai is the best in price, quality and quantity.

Now, based on all these benefits of Urad Gota, don’t forget to include this simple delicacy in your daily meal routine. Get fit and get healthy with the best Urad Gota.

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