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Urad Gota In South Indian Cooking

Urad Gota In South Indian Cooking

Urad Gota is one of the most grown and used pulses in India. It is a staple in every household. But when it comes to South Indian culture, there is not a single dish that can be made without Urad Gota. All the breakfast dishes that represent the essence of South India on the globe such as idly, dosa, and vada are made from Urad Gota.

Urad Gota is protein rich and packed with various micronutrients by itself such as iron, calcium, and potassium. But when the batter is made in the traditional manner, soaking Urad  Gota and rice for several hours, grinding them and letting the batter ferment overnight, there many other health benefits as well. Several changes occur during the fermentation process that increases the nutritional value of the batter. During fermentation, there is an increase in Vitamin C, vitamin B, and folic acid. In addition, Urad Gota is also very rich in fiber. And hence consuming, the traditional South Indian breakfasts, provides the body with the necessary dietary requirements for the morning.

To make an even healthier choice, the rice in these batters can be replaced with higher fiber and higher nutrient value millets. These include finger millet, barnyard millet, and foxtail millet. The preparation of the batter is same as the traditional manner by soaking the millets and Urad Gota for several hours, grinding the batter and letting it ferment overnight. This batter can be used for idlies, dosas and uttapams. This not only gives the body the benefits of Urad Gota, but also the benefits of millets.

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