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Students Drawings on Environmental Awareness

Tenali Double Horse -Recipes

Students Essay Writing

Tenali Double Horse -Recipes

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Summary Points on Plastic Reduction Awareness

Tenali Double Horse -Recipes
  • The word plastic is derived from the Greek word plastico. It was first developed by a scientist named Alexander Parkes.

  •  It is made with crude oil. Preheat oven to 800 degrees. Hazardous dyes are mixed with waste.

  • Plastic is a well-known chemical compound
    100 million tons of plastic are produced every year. For this, 7 million tons of barrels of petroleum are used every day.

About Plastic

Tenali Double Horse -Recipes

Effected By

Tenali Double Horse -Recipes
  • Methods of agriculture in rural and rural areas Drip, poly house, mulching sheet are used to poison the land.

  • Plastic, like other materials, does not mix immediately with earth. It will take hundreds, thousands of years for the earth to merge.

  • The use of plastic is more dangerous than a nuclear bomb.

  • Eating plastic used products can lead to diseases like cancer.

  • Smoke released by burning plastic pollutes the air.

  • “Groundwater that bury plastic in the ground is dissipating.

  • This plastic prevents water from seeping into the ground when it rains.”

  • Animals and cattle that try to eat food in a plastic cover go into the stomach with a plastic cover and the animal or cattle die.

  • Even farmland is being poisoned by this plastic
    Plastic covers clog drainage canals and cause sewage problems.

  • Plastic enters the ocean and becomes lethal to aquatic life.
  • Paper boxes should be used instead of plastic for packaging.

  • Metals should be used for machine tools.

  • Plastic waste collection should be done every day.

  • Recycling units should be set up.

  • Cloth bags can be used instead of plastic bags.

  • The use of plastic can be reduced by bringing the meat in steel boxes, rather than in a plastic cover, when bringing it from the store.

  • Plastic for storage of goods, fertilizers, grain, sugar Gotha’s made of folk linen can be used instead of goths.

  • Separation of wet and dry waste in Gram Panchayats and Municipalities can be done to prevent plastic from turning into waste.

  • People need to be made aware of the dangers of using. plastic.

  • Governments should impose strict penalties on those who use or consume plastic.

  • Strict measures should be taken to avoid the use of non-recyclable plastic.

Plastic prevention

Tenali Double Horse -Recipes
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