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Why Choose Tenali Double Horse Eco Pack?

In a world where almost everything adds to pollution or negatively influences nature and human health, Tenali Double Horse has come up with using eco-friendly products, to break this chain. Tenali Double Horse’s Eco-friendly pack denotes a safe and friendly packaging for the environment and does not harm the Earth when used or disposed of. We’re here to take a stand and do our part, in building our ecosystem one step at a time. We encourage you to switch to the right choices, as it is the need of the hour!


Our Latest Products

Urad Gota 1kg
Urad Gota 1/2 kg Eco Pack (Pack of 2)
Toor Dall 1kg
Moong Dall

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Of course now you can get all types of lentil dall from your home. Also, we are well known as “Tenali Double Horse” brand from Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, considered to be the best quality. Finally, click on the link below to order the Products.


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