Tenali Double Horse

A Legacy of Quality and Taste

At Tenali Double Horse, our journey began in 2005 with a vision to bring excellence and trust to every household in India.

Guided by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we have since become a trusted name that resonates with millions. We take pride in delivering the finest pulses and dals that nourish not just your body but your soul. With a legacy rooted in authenticity and quality, we stand as a beacon of trust in the realm of Indian food staples.

Our History

A Journey of Dedication, Growth, and Quality Excellence.

From the beginning, the Tenali Double Horse team has been wholeheartedly dedicated to serving our customers. We firmly believe that true success comes from understanding the market's needs and delivering products that our customers value.

As we've expanded, our team has grown significantly, with a large group of service personnel based at our headquarters in Tenali. Our commitment to humility and a focus on delivering quality encourages more online business owners to create a positive impact every day.

Our Core Values

Unwavering Commitment, Time-Tested Values, Your Trusted Choice.

We firmly uphold commitment and loyalty as our core work ethics, which have been the pillars of Tenali Double Horse's unwavering success over the decades. Dedicated to delivering the highest quality products, we consistently strive to surpass our consumers' expectations, aiming to be their perennial favorite.

Our team, comprising hundreds of dedicated employees, receives an elevated level of commitment, recognizing that they are the driving force behind our identity and achievements.

Your Ideal Workplace

Nurturing Growth, Collaboration, and Fulfillment

At Tenali Double Horse, our story is shaped not only by what we create but by the individuals who contribute to our journey. We take great pride in cultivating a workplace that goes beyond the ordinary – it's not just a job; it's a place where creativity, innovation, and team spirit thrive. Being acknowledged as a 'Great Place to Work' is a source of honor for us. It underlines our commitment to building an environment where talent is valued, diversity is embraced, and personal growth is encouraged.

Empowering Progress

Explore the statistics that define Tenali Double Horse's journey. From years of excellence to a growing customer base, discover the metrics that highlight our commitment to quality and growth.

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